Dyna Forming Engineering & Technology Sdn Bhd

An Enterprise Product Development Solution enabling Concept to Product
ETA offers an advanced enterprise product development software solution, the Inventium™ Suite.  Inventium™ tools which are now available include an advanced Pre & Post processor, called PreSys®, as well as a system simulation toolset called VPG™.

Progressive New Tools with Legacy Product Retention
The Inventium™ Suite includes some progressive new tools, while retaining ETA’s legacy software products VPG™ and DYNAFORM®.  Inventium’s unified and streamlined product architecture provides users access to all of the suite’s software tools.  By design, Inventium™ products offer a high performance modeling and post-processing system, while providing a robust path for the integration of new tools and third party applications.


Inventium Product Architecture


Flexibility & Configurability
The Inventium™ architecture was developed with flexibility and configurability in mind. It allows the user to change the way their software appears and behaves. New Menus or Toolbars may be created to meet the user’s specific needs, while pre-configured menus can be modified as desired. For example, if the user is not creating models which use solid elements, he or she may deactivate all functions relating to that type of task in the user toolbars and menus to simplify the interface.  Similarly, the user can create a customized toolbar containing ‘favorites’, or frequently accessed functions.