The leading HPC Portal that enables user-friendly and applicationoriented HPC job submission, control and monitoring
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NICE EnginFrame is the leading HPC Portal that enables user-friendly and applicationoriented HPC job submission, control and monitoring.


How EnginFrame works?

EnginFrame can be easily deployed in front of one or more HPC clusters. It provides a set of predefined application templates to make users immediately productive, and can easily be extended to accommodate new applications or more complex workflows, without knowledge of web technologies or programming languages.

Leveraging mainstream job schedulers, EnginFrame translates user clicks into the appropriate actions, including job submission, monitoring, input and output data management.

enginframe features
enginframe features

EnginFrame’s key features:

  • Universal and flexible access to the HPC infrastructure
    • EnginFrame provides easy access over intranet, extranet or the Internet using standard and secure Internet languages and protocols
  • Interface to the HPC system
    • EnginFrame includes drivers for all mainstream job and provides easy interfaces to the existing computing infrastructure
  • Security and access control
    • EnginFrame provides fine grained access control and can be used to provide secure access to distributed users or organizations, while retaining full control of what they can do and how they interact with user’s data and HPC systems.
  • Comprehensive data management
    • EnginFrame provides flexible tools to avoid unnecessary file transfers when data is already available on the HPC system, as well as facilitate file transfers to and from user's workstation.
  • Interactive application support
    • Through the integration with leading GUI virtualization solutions (including Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV), VNC, VirtualGL, HP-RGS and Citrix XenDesktop), EnginFrame enables users to address all stages of the design process, both batch and interactive.
  • SOA-enable your applications and resources
    • EnginFrame can automatically publish computing applications via standard Web Services, enabling immediate integration with other enterprise applications.

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