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  • Introduction to LS-DYNA®
  • Introduction to Drop Test Analysis in LS-DYNA®
  • Introduction to ALE and Blast Modeling in LS-DYNA®
  • Introduction to Noise, Vibration and Harshness in LS-DYNA®
  • Introduction to Incompressible Computational Fluid Dynamics in LS-DYNA®
  • Basic of Sheet Metal Forming using LS-DYNA®
  • Introduction to LS-DYNA Implicit Application
  • Fundamental of eta/DYNAFORM®
  • Fundamental of eta/VPG™
  • Basic of Impact Analysis in LS-DYNA®
  • Vehicle Crashworthiness Analysis using LS-DYNA®
  • Advanced Crashworthiness and Safety
  • Modern Formability Integrated Draw Die Development and Simulation
  • Tailor-Welded Blank Application
  • Advanced Circle Grid and Thinning Strain Analysis
  • Fundamental of Die Design
  • Fundamental of Hydroforming
  • Formability Engineering Analysis

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